Me, me, me ….

I find job hunting extremely painful, like many people do.  The process of selling yourself embarrasses me and sends me into a panic, I cannot for the life of me big myself up.  Selling other people, no problem.  In the past during my own interview I have been selling someone else who in the end got the job.  I’m that good at doing it.  I suppose that’s one of the reasons I love the main way of interviewing in my industry, we do a working interview.  Whether it be a couple of days or a month you can get a feel for the place, the people, the animals and let you work ethic and abilities do the talking for you.  Not much verbal selling needed here.

Basically I need to stop underestimating myself, my knowledge and abilities.  I need to sell, sell, sell.  I need to jump up and down on the spot going me, me, me.  Be able to say you need me and your yard cannot function without me.  To have the confidence to walk in to an interview and say “you need not look any further, here I am”.

Sadly, I find, what should be the ‘easy’ things in life are by far the hardest.

Self belief 0: Underestimation 1



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